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Often, we consider a new approach to be path-breaking; and mostly it is true. Even if not a paradigm shift, some tasks feel easier only once complete. ORBIT is one such project. Not just by the virtue of its location or design or project-mix but by the sheer 'Teaming-Up' of three developers bringing their uniqueness and varied experiences to the table.

And as we believe nothing happens perchance, the stars have aligned to bring you a project like ORBIT.

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Onsite Update
Night View
Road Side View
Day View
Building Elevation
Building Entrance
Building Common Area
Campus Development
Office with Terrace
Building Lobby
Building Foyer
Lobby Area
Building Elevation
Foyer Entrance
Main Road Side View
Building Entrance
Foyer Area
Roadside View

March 2019

Overall Progress

February 2019

Finishing Activities

January 2019

Paint Glazing Work

December 2018

Site Progress

November 2018

Primer Work in Progress

October 2018

Plaster Work Completed

September 2018

Plaster Work

August 2018

Site Progress

August 2018

Seventh Floor Slab

May 2018

Sixth Floor Slab

May 2018

Laying Slab Reinforcement

May 2018

Fifth Floor Slab

April 2018

Block Work

April 2018

Laying Reinforcement For Third Floor Slab

March 2018

Overall Site Progress

March 2018

First Floor Slab Shuttering Work

February 2018

First Floor Columns Casting

February 2018

Overall Site View

February 2018

Lower Basement Slab Work

January 2018

Ground Floor Column Reinforcement

January 2018

Ground Floor Slab Shuttering

January 2018

Upper Basement Shuttering Work

January 2018

Column Casting Work

December 2017

Lower Basement Reinforcement Work

November 2017

Lower Basement Shuttering

October 2017

Retaining Wall Reinforcement Work

September 2017

Isolated Footing

August 2017

Foundation Work in Progress

August 2017

Project Clearances
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